Devgad beach and the windmill farm

Winter Holidays in Devgad

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I was looking for some nearby destinations for a relaxing weekend this winter. After a lot of searching and indecisive planning, we finally agreed to go to a place where we had been before, that too just a few months ago. Yes, it was in the summer in search of mangoes and this time in search of some Me-time away from the crowd in Pune to Devgad. Devgad – be it in summer or in winter has always been a peaceful getaway. Footlooseinme will share some of these moments in Devgad.

Watching idly the sun gradually going down

Watching idly the sun gradually going down

Not many months ago, while we were driving from Pune to Devgad, the place was lush and green, laden with fruits. This time also, the large trees were green but they were empty and the undergrowth was unkempt yet they had a character of their own.

The grass and the road

The grass and the road

This time Google Maps took us through a different route while we drove from Pune to Devgad, after leaving the National Highway at the exit from Umbraj. Some interesting twists and turns on the ghats and some waterbody peeping out of the haze down the gorge, these were our regular companions till the time we entered our known mango fields.

View from the road

They looked so familiar, so close – just like some near relative welcoming your homecoming. (Oh! I must be blown away by my emotions so writing some overly passionate words.) It was definitely a joyous moment to get back to the same roads in a gap of just a few months which was pretty unimaginable even during our last visit.

Sunset at Mitmumbari near Devgad

Sunset at Mitmumbari near Devgad

We checked in to the same hotel by the Devgad beach. After that, most of our time was spent either on the beach or in the swimming pool of our stay. And yes, we also indulged in our favourite restaurants for Malvani food.

Devgad Beach

Devgad Beach

Though a bit disheartened by the quality, taste of the food and warmth of the members of the Mayuri restaurant at Vijaydurg of which I was of high praise on my previous visit. (Read about my earlier visit to Devgad.) 

On the way from Pune to Devgad

The views on the way

The Vasant Vijay restaurant in Devgad maintained its standard and food quality. Throughout our stay, we explored a variety of their menu and each one of them was delicious. The best part was they served fresh ‘Aamras’ with their thali even in the winter.

Thali in Vasant Vijay in Devgad

Thali in Vasant Vijay

To our surprise, we enquired about the same and were told that these Aamras are the preserved mangoes that come in sealed glass bottles directly from the ‘Bagichas’ (mango orchards). They have a secret recipe by which they prepare and store the juicy delicious Alphanso mango pulp without any preservatives that can be kept for a year even if not refrigerated. Once the seal is opened, the bottle must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours.

Road from Pune to Devgad

The drive from Pune to Devgad

Our relaxing tour to Devgad this winter gave us two unique gifts, one you can guess – yes, it was the Aamras and the second was an amazing sighting on our drive back to Pune. It was a bright and beautiful, gorgeous Indian Chameleon slowly crossing the road while we were passing through a patch that was through the Chandoli National Park.

Indian Chameleon on the way

Indian Chameleon

A happy trip ended even more happily with such unexpected gifts of fortune. We brought back some bottles of Aamras,   pictures of the spectacular Chameleon and some memories that made a special place in our hearts through its sight, smell and sound.

Devgad beach

Devgad beach


  1. Mick Canning says:

    The chameleon is remarkable!

    1. Yes it was, Thank you. 🙂

  2. arv! says:

    I love how the landscape looks post monsoon especially the grass. Out here also, the grass turns pale yellow-cream color. I also love the perspective in your pictures of the beach and water.

    1. Yes, this is so fascinating aspect in the Western part of India which is so different in the East. Every season you get to see a new look. 🙂 Glad you liked, thank you.

      1. arv! says:

        You are welcome, Sarmistha

  3. Wow beautiful views. You got a little of everything, beaches and mountains.

    1. Exactly, thank you 🙂

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