Devgad beach and the windmill farm

Winter Holidays in Devgad

I was looking for some nearby destinations for a relaxing weekend this winter. After a lot of searching and indecisive planning, we finally agreed to go to a place where we had been before that too just a few months ago. Yes, it was in the summer in search of mangoes and this time in search of some Me-time away from the crowd. Devgad – be it in summer or in winter has always been a peaceful getaway. Today I will share some of these moments in Devgad.

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Devgad beach from the park on the cliff

Devgad in Summer

This summer on a mango hunt we went to Devgad. Though not a popular summer destination like the cool mountains but a treasure trove that unveils only in the hot sultry summer month. Yes, we went to Devgad for its treasure of Alphonso mangoes and as a gift that came along was the tour of the surrounding coastline and the impregnable sea forts. My tour to Devgad was not only scenic and serene it was also mixed with fun and adventure.

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The essence of Devgad Mango - The bay, the sea and the orchard from Mr Dhoke's farm

To the ‘Mango-land’ of Devgad

Pinch me hard… Am I dreaming? I see mangoes everywhere – on either side, in front, at the back, on the top and even at the bottom. Oh, God! Don’t wake me up, I want to stay lost in this Mango-land forever and never to return. Like every dream that ends on waking up, my tour to Mango-land too came to an end (but with cartons full of mangoes) on returning back to Pune. Today I share with you my extraordinary dreamlike experience of visiting Devgad.

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