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Birdwatching in Devbagh

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An expanse of pristine sandy shore beside the blue sea with the tiny green islets jutting out of the water, the glittery golden sand on the other side of the estuary lining the seaward side and within lies the tall Casuarina forest… all sounds like an elucidation of a surreal landscape. What if a boon in the form of some fluttering aerial creatures is added to the scene? It would absolutely be the cherry on the cake. Devbagh beach with its avian life was something like and we had a delightful experience of birdwatching here.

Black hooded Oriole
Black Hooded Oriole

My previous post was about my stay in Devbagh Beach Resort, where I promised for a separate post on birdwatching. (Read my previous post on Devbagh.)

Eurasian Crag Martin
Eurasian Crag Martin

I keep my promises and so I am here with some of the birds that we saw during our short stay in Devbagh.


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With all the story said, here the images of these pretty winged creatures will do all the talking.

Common Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper

Tiny to large footmarks were engraved on the wet sands. The Sandpipers had their feet in this work.


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Not just a single species but the other water bird too got their feet dirty.


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The sky was dominated by Kites and Eagles. The Brahminy Kites braving the strong sea winds gracefully glided above us.

Lesser Sand Plover
Lesser Sand Plover

Tiny Plovers were gently wading through the waves in search of tiny crustaceans.

Pacific reef Egret
Pacific Reef Egret

The Reef Heron that was resting near the pier remained undisturbed by our presence.


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The magnificent White-bellied Sea Eagle that was flying high above all decided to rest for a while on a high branch of Casuarina.

Black rumped Flameback
Black-rumped Flameback

The Casuarina forest was the perfect home for many species of birds. The calls of the Black Hooded Oriole and the woodpecker helped us track them fast. But the Rufous Woodpecker was well camouflaged to be tracked.

Rufous Woodpecker
Rufous Woodpecker

Our Early morning nature walk was pleasing enough with the first sighting of a couple of Peahens taking a walk very close to the sea and leaving behind the biggest footmark on the sand. While the Peahens were near the beach the Peacock was in the green.


Low light in the morning did not favour a good picture of the Peahens. With the increasing light capturing them was easier.


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Birds of prey and the others, Devbagh had them all and in this short time, we were satisfied by all that we have seen.

Spotted Owlet
Spotted Owlet

Devbagh and Karwar with travel information.


  1. Looks like yo had a pen amazing stay at Devbagh and some awesome birding…

    1. Yes, it was an amazing stay and a memorable experience. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. arv! says:

    Are you a bird watcher, Sarmistha? Looks like one with so many posts on bird-watching on your blog!

    1. Yes Arv, I am an amature bird watcher and a lover of these winged creatures, so I occasionally try to share posts on my birdwatching experience.

      1. arv! says:

        Awesome, Sarmistha. Keep sharing. You must visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary here in Rajasthan.

      2. You can’t imagine how much I wish to be there but some way or the other I still could not make it happen. Let’s see when can I make it happen.

      3. arv! says:

        Oct-Feb is a good time whenever you are planning to 🙂

      4. Thanks for the information, I missed it again this time so hope to make it the next season. Again a lot of prebooking things must me there, if I am not wrong. As these days its really tough to get into any Sanctuary or National Park, there are more humans than the wilds.

      5. arv! says:

        Sarmistha, Bharatpur Ghana B. S. is unlike all other WLS. You will be surprised it is very easy to get access unlike other places. You can just walk in buy a ticket and hire a cycle rickshaw who also acts like a guide. And unlike places like Ranthambore or Corbett, it doesn’t get hoards of tourists. Make sure you choose a weekday and a two day visit will allow you plenty of opportunities.

      6. So good to hear this and even relieved too. Thank you for all the guidance and information. For now fingers crossed for the next season.

      7. arv! says:

        You should. Although there are many hotels to choose, I can recommend you a couple of them which offers convinience and value. 🙂

      8. Once I plan my trip I will get in touch with you for all your recommendation. Thanks.

      9. arv! says:

        Anytime! 🙂

  3. joshi daniel says:

    Beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

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