Randha Waterfalls

Bhandardara in Monsoon

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After a heavy monsoon and the quick slip of the short autumn, winter is almost knocking on the doors and now I am sharing my monsoon story of Bhandardara. Although I can’t feel the monsoon vibes anymore, I hope to bring back some monsoon memories through this post. All thanks to my procrastination, almost two seasons passed by. So with no further delay, let’s visit Bhandardara this winter to revive the lost monsoon charm. ‘Footlooseinme’ will take you to the Bhandardara waterfalls and share with you the astounding sights.

Bhandardara village is known as the monsoon destination with numerous waterfalls and pretty green hills. It is also famed for the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra – Kalsubai Peak (5400 ft). It was a sunny day in the monsoon followed by heavy evening showers. This gave us an excellent opportunity to use the day to move around. 


We visited Bhandardara while on our trip to Igatpuri. Another post on Igatpuri is coming soon, hopefully, I will not delay that any further. This post will be a pictorial one as some stories are meant to be written with images than with words.

Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam

Bhandardara is one such place, lush and rich with vegetation. The abundant monsoon rains this year probably gave a super boost to the waterfalls and hence added to the beauty of the surroundings There are waterfalls everywhere and everyone is Bhandardara waterfalls. 

Arthur Lake

Arthur Lake

Bhandardara is located by the river Pravara on which the Wilson Dam is built. Arthur Lake is the reservoir of this dam.

Bhandardara Waterfalls

I rest my words now and let the pictures do their job.

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Bhandardara Waterfalls


Frame within frame

Randha Waterfalls - Bhandardara Waterfalls

Randha Waterfalls



  1. arv! says:

    I have heard so much about Bhandardara’s beauty but have never been! The only place I have been in Sahyadri hills is Lavasa!

    1. There is always a next time Arv. But this time plan in such a way so that you have some time to travel around such places and try to plan it during the monsoons.

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