Photo Journey Through Chalkewadi Windmill Farms

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Chalkewadi Windmills Farms is quite a popular destination near Pune in the Satara district of Maharashtra. People tend to flock here during the monsoon to experience the lush nature and during the winters and also at the weekends for a day trip or a picnic. This was what I had done before. (Read about my previous visit to Chalkewadi Windmill Farms.) This time it was so different. We drove through the windmills for miles and miles. Every turn on the significantly straight road gave us some incredible views. I am here with this post to share with you my visual experience.


We were returning from Koyna to Pune and decided to take a detour via Chalkewadi Windmill Farms. (Read my previous post on Koyna Dam and Maneri village.) This was probably the best detour decision of our drive life.

This route unveiled the scenic beauty of the surroundings gradually with pretty valleys and lovely greens when we entered the vast expanse of the Chalkewadi windmill farms. And the rest is all visual delight which I silently share through my pictures.







Satara at a glance, with travel information.


  1. arv! says:

    Beautiful landscape.

    1. Yes, Thank you Arv.

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