Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west, Sindhudurg district to the south, Raigad district to the north and Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts to the east. This district is part of Konkan division. Ratnagiri has the distinction of being the native place of three Bharat Ratna awardees, namely Maharishi Karve, Lokmanya Tilak, Dr Pandurang Vaman Kane and Dr B. R. Ambedkar. There are many Forts along the sea coast as well as along the Hilly areas near western Ghats. They are Hill Forts-Mahipatgad,Sumargad, Rasalgad, Prachitgad, Palgad, Mandangad fort, Govalkot,Bhavangad, Maimatgad Sea Forts-Bankot, Suvarnadurg, Fattegad, Gova Fort, Gopalgad, Jaigad, Vijaygad, Ratnagiri fort, Purnagad, Ambolgad, Yeshwantgad. The majority of the people in Ratnagiri are Hindus while Muslims forms the second largest religion here. Other religions are Buddhist, Christians. The economy is dependent on agriculture. The rich soil of Ratnagiri yields a high quality of Alphonso Mangoes (Hapus), Cashewnut, Kokum, Coconut. The temperature here ranges from an average of 31 °C to 20 °C. The winter season is most pleasant, with the temperature dropping at nights, the ideal months to visit being November to January.

History: It is believed that the Pandavas having performed their pilgrimage on the 13th year had settled in the adjourning territory of the Ratnagiri district and when the Pandavas and the Kauravas had the famous war at Kurukshetra, the king of this region Veeravat Ray had accompanied them there. In 1731 Ratnagiri came under the control of Satara kings; in 1818, it was surrendered to the British. A fort was built during the Bijapur dynasty and strengthened in 1670 by the Maratha king Shivaji, which is located on a headland near the harbour. It is one of the ports of the Konkan coast. It has a palace where the last king of Burma, Thibaw and later Veer Savarkar were confined.

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Airport: The nearest commercial airports are Pune Internation Airport at a distance of 290 km, Belgaum Airport at a distance of 253 km, Goa Internation Airport at a distance of 311 km and Mumbai Internation Airport at a distance of 348 km.

Rail: The Ratnagiri railway station is well connected by train to many major cities across India. This railway track forms an integral part of the Konkan Railways. Other railway stations within the district are Chiplun, Khed, Sangameshwar, Anjani, Bhoke and more.

Road: National Highways connects Ratnagiri to Kolhapur, Goa and Mumbai. All the villages and towns are connected via State highway and interconnected roads. MSRTC runs regular buses connecting various destinations within Maharashtra. Additionally, many private tour operators also run frequent buses from major cities to this place.

Local: Auto rickshaws are available for transportation within the city. Tour operators provide vehicles for hire. The coastal areas also have regular ferry services.

Tourist Interest:

Ratnagiri: The port city of Ratnagiri is famous for the Ratnadurg fort also known as the Bhagwati Fort and the lighthouse located on a horseshoe shaped cliff projecting into the Arabian Sea.

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Guhagar: Guhagar is a small town on the Konkan coast with a beautiful secluded beach. Miles of pristine white sand beach lined with shady Suru trees, an ancient fort reminiscent of yesteryear, revered heritage temples, and mouth-watering seafood, this is what Guhagar has to offer.

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Ganapatipule: Situated in the coastal area, this place provides one of the spectacular beaches along the Konkan coast. Apart from the pristine beach, there are mangrove forest, coconut grove, Swayambhu Ganesh temple, Marleswar temple, waterfalls and an ideal spot to relax from the hectic pace of life.

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Jaigad Lighthouse and Fort: Jaigad Fort is a coastal fortification that is located at the tip of a peninsula in Ratnagiri District at a distance of 14 km from the temple town of Ganpatipule. Nestled on a cliff, it overlooks a bay formed where the Shastri river enters the Arabian Sea. It has a commanding view of the bay, the nearby power plant and the open sea. A jetty port Angrey and a lighthouse are located nearby. Although in ruins, most of the fort’s outer wall and ramparts still stand. A deep moat surrounds the fort side not facing the cliff edge. In the middle of the 13-acre fort lies the palace of Kanhoji Angre, a Ganpati temple and wells to store water. It is a protected monument.

Mandvi Beach: Mandvi beach extending up to the Rajiwada Port with the Ratnadurga fort at the other end is the most popular beach in Ratnagiri city. Mandvi Beach is a black sand beach and is often referred to as the Gateway of Ratnagiri. Mandvi beach although not the prettiest beaches in Konkan nevertheless is one of the most popular beaches in Konkan.

Marleshwar: Marleshwar is a place in Sangameshwar subdivision of Ratnagiri district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Marleshwar is known for the Cave Shiva Temple, where devotees handle venomous snakes. Every year thousands of devotees visit the temple and perform ablutions in the nearby Bav river. Dhareshwar is a waterfall on the Bav river which is another tourist attraction of Marleshwar.

Pandre Samudra: This is a long clean stretch of white sand beach near to Ratnagiri town.

Chiplun: The ancient Parashuram Temple is situated near the town on the Mumbai-Goa National Highway. Famous for the 6th incarnation of Vishnu, the temple is resplendent with fabulous architectural beauty, which incorporates both the Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. Vashishti River is considered to be one of the largest rivers in the Konkan coastline, originating from the Western Ghats. The river is ideal for boating along with fishing and angling. The Chiplun caves are also located here.

Anjarle: Anjarle is known for its unspoilt beach and Kadyawarcha Ganpati temple. It is a small port located near the estuary of Jog river, about 4 miles south of Aade and 2 miles north of Suvarnadurga.

Dapoli: Dapoli is a favourite destination in Ratnagiri. Dapoli has many tourist attraction in its vicinity. The Harnai Fish Market, Anjarle, Karde, Kesavraj, Murud Beach, Panhalakaji Caves, Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts, Unhavare/farfare hot water springs and Sri Vimaleshwar Shiv Temple – all are located near Dapoli.

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Karde beach: Karde is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in the entire stretch of Dapoli beaches. It is a vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach with the underlying black sand giving it a very romantic appeal. Karde is the ideal destination to head for a relaxing weekend.

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Harnai/Harne: Situated 15 km from Dapoli, Harnai beach provides a quite and a peaceful experience. It is an isolated stretch that is lined with a fort on its northern end. With a natural harbour, clear waters, beautiful seascape and rocky coasts, it promises to be a place for pleasurable holidays. From temples to beaches and ancient forts, Harnai has it all. It houses four Forts viz. Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg, Gova Fort and Fategad.

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The other places of interest are Mirkarwada Beach, Sangameshwar, Shri Dev Bhairav Temple, Shri Devi Bhagwati Temple, Sri Kanakaditya Temple, Thibaw Palace, Guhagar, Khed and Dabhol.

Tour Planner:

This tour planner is made on the basis of the location of the destinations. One can make changes as per their interest, convenience and accessibility and duration of the trip.

Day 1 to 3: Dapoli and nearby places of Anjarle, Harnei, Karde, Murud and others.

Day 4: Start early and cover Khed and Chiplun.

Day 5 to 7: Ganpatipule and Ratnagiri and the other places.

Hotels: Online booking is always preferable for discounts in tariff. Homestays are a very convenient and affordable option in this region along with the excellent opportunity to know the culture, tradition and local cuisine. Hotels in and near Dapoli are Sea Sahayadri, Fern Samali, Kavijay, Surali Wadi Beach Resort, Sagar Hill Resort, Sagar Sawali and more. Hotels in Ganpatipule are Fern Greenleaf Resort, Hotel Durvankur, Atharva Inn, MTDC Resort and more.