Meherabad (meher meaning friend from Iranian “Mihir”, ultimately from Sanskrit “Mithira”; “abad” meaning a prosperous settlement, or a flourishing colony) was originally an ashram established by Meher Baba near Arangaon Village, about 9 kilometres south of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. It is now the site of Meher Baba’s samadhi (shrine/tomb). Accommodations facilities for pilgrims are also available. A building mostly associated with the earlier decades of Baba’s work, the graves of disciples, and a range of pilgrim accommodation and charitable establishments are also there. Many Baba lovers work or live in the vicinity.

History: Arangaon (which means Forest Village) began as a walled town in the 16th century, but by the end of the 19th century most of the trees had been harvested for timber and fuel. By World War I, the area was dry and barren. Some of the old architecture is still standing, such as the shrine of the 17th century Hindu yogi, Buaji Bua. He is said to have entered his tomb, which is just outside the Vithoba temple, while he was still alive. In 1923 Meher Baba came to Ahmednagar with few of his disciples. He admired the quiet atmosphere here in Arangaon and since then he made some constructions here and started staying here.

Merwan Sheriar Irani was born in 1894 in Pune, India to Irani Zoroastrian parents. At the age of 19, he began a seven-year spiritual transformation. During this time he contacted five spiritual masters before beginning his own mission and gathering his own disciples in early 1922, at the age of 27.

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Airport: The nearest airports are Pune International Airport and Aurangabad Airport which are connected to many cities across India.

Rail: Ahmednagar is located on the Daund/ Manmad railway line which is connected to many cities across India.

Road: Ahmednagar is connected to Pune through state highway 27. The road to Meherabad is connected to this highway.

Local: Vehicles can be hired from Pune and Ahmednagar to reach Meherabad.

Accommodation: Meher Pilgrim Retreat is the accommodation facility near the Baba’s samadhi. The vast property has accommodation facilities separately for male and female devotees. Two buildings side by side are separated as men’s side and women’s side. They are not allowed within each other’s room but are allowed to enter the premises till 10 pm. Rooms are single, double, triple or of more beds. All rooms have shared bathrooms. Individual closet with keys, clean towels and beddings are provided. The accommodation facilities come with food that is vegetarian. But eggs are also allowed in the meal. Online booking can be done through the email:

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