Arth Goldau

Nature and Animal Park Goldau is one of the six scientifically managed zoos in Switzerland. It is located in the landscape, which was captured by the Goldfall at the beginning of the 19th century. Nature and animal park Goldau contributes significantly to the conservation of endangered animal species and to nature conservation. Varied leisure and educational programs, important species protection programs, cooperation with international zoos and science make the animal park a centre of competence for rearing and resettlement as well as education and information.

History: In 1806 huge masses of rock fell down from the Rossberg and buried the village of Goldau. 457 people were killed. Even if the village has long since recovered from the catastrophe, the traces of the upheaval are still visible today. A rubble cone with huge, partially overlapping boulders stretches from the Rossberg to the Lauerzersee. In the early 1920s, some animal friends decided to found a natural and animal park from a part of this wild landscape. The Tierparkverein Goldau was founded in 1925 and an area of an animal park and bird sanctuary was set up. As the funds were scarce, many facilities in the park were created by the work of the club members.From the very beginning, Goldau was to become an animal park for native mammals and birds. Soon after the opening, the park was given a Capricorn and a Steingeiss from St. Galler Wildpark Peter and Paul, who was the first Swiss animal park to present these animals in 1909. There were also red, fallow and sika deer. In 1999, the animal park was once again affected by a natural catastrophe. The Lothar hurricane destroyed 80 percent of the forest and caused great damage to the enclosure. Thanks to the great willingness of the population, the damage could be remedied. A grant from canton Schwyz and generous donations kept the financial impact on the zoo within limits.


Rail: Arth-Goldau lies along the route of the “Voralpenexpress” from Lucerne to Romanshorn.

Road: One can also hire a taxi to reach Arth Goldau.

Tourist Attraction: Arth Goldau is home to mainly the local species of animals. Some of them are European Swamp Turtle, Tree Frog, Crust, Feuersalamander, Ravens, a variety of Owls, Crane, many aquatic bird species, Red Fox, Dwarf Goats, Wisent, Mufflon, Alpine Steppes, Brown Bear and much more.

Tour Planner: As this is a zoo it is a day long trip. One can revisit the park on consecutive days as per the availability of time.

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